We write behavioural job descriptions for your business.

Do you require on-going Learning and Development for your people? Secret Job Agent is a global recruitment and L&D outsourcing consultancy. We provide assistance for special projects, start-ups and/or on-going performance requirements. Contact us for a proposal

what is a secret job agent?

We use best practice behavioural approaches in all our consulting for the greatest predictive validity in human behaviour.

what secret job agents can do for you

Qualified HR professionals

Certified SJAs will work with you to maximise your return on your human capital.

Aligned to your organisation’s strategic priorities and objectives

Every behavioural job description is aligned to your company's purpose.

Quickly write behavioural performance descriptors

We can handle all or parts of your recruitment processes:

• Job scoping roles • Employment interviewing • Reference checking

Pay for only the time you need

Why have an HR department with huge overheads. Just pay for the time you use.

Get it right the first time, reducing recruitment costs.

People hired using Secret Job Agent and the STARF® system will stay longer and be more productive.

Access to your STARF system

All our work is aligned to your priorities. Secret Job Agents are all STARF® Certified, meaning they can access your STARF® system so they are on the same page as you.

Resolve performance deficiencies with STARF

Behavioural Job Descriptions make it crystal clear what is expected. Performance issues are sorted quickly and respectfully.

Virtual assistance by phone or skype

Ad hoc consulting

All sorts of HR issues can be dealt with by SJAs.

As a global organisation, Secret Job Agents are available 24/7 (English speaking only) to provide a raft of services that make your staff happy and productive, and your company a great place to work for!